Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Puttin' on the Ritz!

 Tristan is looking very dapper tonight. He was lounging around in his best outfit. I am thinking that when I go to bed he will be taking some fuzzy hussy out on the town. I am on to him. Why else would he be dressed to the 9's?
 I am trying to talk him into doing that scene from Young Frankenstein. The one where Gene Wilder and Frankenstein dance to "Putting on the Ritz" So far he has purrred a little bit of the chorus. Maybe he thinks that a full monster groan would be beneath him.
 Some pratice and some taps shoes... then charging admission. You will pay for your catnip scented mouse.. oh, yes you will.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Teats for Tips

 There were some requests for more of Penny. She is Amy Kecken's cat. I was delighted to receive another photo of her! She really is a cat of the night!
 It seems that she, unlike my lazy fluffs, actually has a job! She works at a near by club as a "dancer". Now.. now I cannot disclose WHERE exactly. All I can say is that they have an slogan "We show our teats!" It is one of those places where you can see em' as long as you drink milk only. They don't serve that hard nip.. like the other places. Also no heavy petting!

Even on stage she is a delicate princess. Note the crown and her matching thongs! Wow! No pasties for this dancing cat! Her fishnets make me think that she would take a sardine or two. Hmm... nah.. only caviar for this fuzzy princess! Wish I had a can to chuck at this sexy feline! Go, Penny! :)

Friday, July 29, 2011


 I have a real treat for Sexy Cats! We have an actual super "cat" that is choosing THIS blog to reveal his identity!!! You may have seen him in the tabloids wearing his super hero garb. He is usually rescuing a kitten in distress, stopping the evil Alley Cat gang from stealing diamond collars or keeping the streets safe from catnip dealers (the wrong kind of nip).
 Now we have an actual photo of him outside of the crime fighting world.
He is none other than Neo the international play cat! I was so shocked! Who knew?! He says only his butler. *shrug* Not even his owner, Elisabeth Steward, had a clue! He is like Batman and Superman rolled into one mean crime fighting machine!
 I am surprised no one had figured it out until now. He does have the resources! Seems he also has some magical super "cat" underoos that enable him to morph into his secret super kick arse alter ego!

 International play"cat" and feline of mystery! I love the smoking jacket. Looks a bit Hugh Hefner. The monocle really brings it together. That cigarette is suggesting that he had some luck with his sexy lounging outfit.

Here he is with his magical underoos! Now I see the resemblance! Go Neo! Help humans and felines everywhere! I wonder if he has a cardboard box cave somewhere? Or maybe a Mattress of Solitude propped up in the icy mountains.... ?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Oye, Papi!

This is my third cat Isabella. (Please, do not let me adopt more cats!!!) She is such a needy little fluff ball. She also has a bit of a kinky side.
 If you pat her rump she coos in happiness. Really, you can smack her like she has a swarm of bees on her hind quarters. She loves it. You can even pull her haunch hair and listen to her mews of protest. Does she leave? No. Does she raise her booty up with a "Yes, Mistress may I have another?" Of Course! Maybe next time she can do a little s/m themed photo for you guys.
 Anyhow... she thought she would show her love for the Flamenco. She is wearing a frilly flamenco mini skirt. *whispers* She makes it work. Her sweet heart top draws your eye to her ample fluffage. I did not even know she had those! My favorite is the flower behind her ear and how she placed her make up. Very sexy! *smirk* Sort of trashy. Oh, how I would love to see her stomp those little red heels while clicking her tail castanets!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Elwood the Barbarian

 Amy Kecken's other cat, Elwood, saw fit to have his human submit a picture. If he wanted to out do Ms. Penny.. I think he did.
 He really did a great job on his themed costume! His pose says "no fear". As if he needed it holding that battle axe! *snorts* Not to mention the spiked boots, gauntlet and tail mace! Whew! Maybe he is saying he approves of the new Conan the Barbarian movie? *shrug*
 I really dig how his spread eagle position is made tastefully sexy by the loin cloth! Nice job! :P

BTW.... Did you notice his piercings? VERY hard core! Add some tattoos and all the girls cats will be in heat! Every girl likes a bad cat!

Meow - Victorian

 I guess this blog has started something. Two cats have submitted photos of them in their sexy best!
 Who knew that cats had a closeted risque picture interest? Makes me wonder what else they do when their owners are away? It might explain the reason I find my clothing not where I left it.

 This is, Penny, Amy Kecken's cat. She is such a lady. I love her frilly pink halter top and matching frilled bottoms. What style! Her pink satin gloves are uber cute with her little fur tufts hanging out. She even has pearl buttons on them that match the pearl clasp on her halter. Just adorable... and sexy! Any well dressed Tom would want to take Ms. Penny out for a glass of milk. The lace fan is the final touch to her.. tea milk time.. lady like ensemble!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Star Spangled Speedo

 Tristan was a little jealous that Neka was getting all the attention with her outfit. I came home to some David Bowie playing and Tristan parading around in his star thong. He was wearing his matching paw less glove. It was quite a show. He really out did himself when he did a little floor slide into a split. I must say the kitty girls almost threw their Lacy things at him.
 I did manage to get a picture after he jumped up on the chairs. He began walking on the chair backs as Suffragette City was playing. *grin* Show off!